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Zadar is both, an atmospheric time machine and an open-air museum. Here on display, you will find some of the most beautiful monuments of architecture and cultural heritage of the eastern Adriatic coast.

Let us show you just a few adventures, unique experiences, and breathtaking locations you must visit during your holiday. We personally experienced all of these locations and adventures and handpicked the best out of the best for your complete pleasure and excitement.

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Sea Organ & Greetings to the Sun - Zadar

Zadar is a proud owner of a unique blend of architecture and music, the world-famous Sea Organ, which is located right next to another modern installation, the Greeting to the Sun. The sounds that the Sea Organ produces are a result of the release of sea energy, or rather waves and tides.

The Sea Organ was broken off and then gently shaped and returned to the sea. It stretches out over about seventy meters of the Zadar waterfront. When the most beautiful sunset illuminates the waterfront, the game of lights by the Greeting to the Sun accompanies the rhythm of the waves and the sounds of the Sea Organ.

Sea Organ Zadar Villa
wineyards villa

Royal Wineyards - Petrcane, Zadar

On the picturesque hills above Petrčane and Punta Skala, the vineyards were erected in extreme conditions, on the rocky soil with an optimum slope towards the southwest and with a constant circulation of the air, from the sea and as well from Velebit. 

Visit our unique location, choose your finest selection of vine and cheese and admire the sea view directly from the vineyards.

Paklenica National Park - Starigrad, Zadar

Part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Paklenica consists of mountain peaks, forests, canyons, lakes, and rivers. It's ideal for climbers, adventurers, and romantic daydreamers.


Due to its unique natural features, magnificent forests, and extraordinary geomorphologic structures, the area of Velika and Mala Paklenica was proclaimed a national park in 1949.


Golubinka Cave - Dugi otok, Zadar

The Golubinka Cave is situated on the southern shores of Dugi Otok, west of the Brbinjšćica Bay, where it is also best to anchor the boat even when the sea is calm. It is characterized by a long entry, which can be passed by swimming or a very narrow boat, but it is recommended that you head down to the bottom of the cave swimming, equipped with a diving mask.


Thanks to the natural light that comes through the open ceiling at its far end, an abundance of underwater fauna awaits you in the seemingly karst tunnel which opens into a lovely small hall at its end. Sail into an oasis of peace.

Virtual 3D Tour - Zadar

Zadar walking tour and Virtual Reality experience is a walking tour through Zadar’s old town in which you will discover how 8 “must-see” locations looked in different time periods. An assistant leads you from one point to another and with the VR glasses, you relive various historical episodes. Audio guide in 7 languages provides the most significant information about Zadar and its past. Join this time travel and travel through 2000 years of Zadar’s history. 


Discover how Zadar looked during different historical periods and relive the past in a fun and interesting way to get insight into the crucial moments of Zadar’s history. Taste Maraschino liquor, a local specialty with a long tradition made by secret recipe.


Museum of Ancient Glass - Zadar

The Museum of Ancient Glass is a contemporary and unique cultural institution in the world and is the home to a specialized archaeological collection with more than 5,000 glass objects from the period of antiquity, i.e., the first century BC to the 5th century AD.

The Museum of Ancient Glass in Zadar has a luxurious souvenir shop, where you can buy publications and exclusive souvenirs made at the museum’s glass-making workshops by hand glassblowing, and which are replicas of actual ancient glass artifacts.